My Blog

I have a blog that I add to occasionally. It has information of interest to other box makers including some how-to's, drawings and photos.  Be sure to check out the download and resource tabs. Click below to go to the blog.


I am a member of the Facebook "box builders group". If you are a box maker,  you might find it of interest. The group gets a lot of  "how do you do that" questions, so I put together a few videos on how I do things.  Now I did them single handed and I am not an experienced video maker. But if you can get over that, a lot of folks have found them to be informative. There are links on my blog, or click below to go to them on YouTube.


For those near enough, I do offer one-on-one classes. Click below to see or download a brochure on some of the classes I do. Since these are one-on-one, they are scheduled for our mutual convenience and availability.