About Woodn't it be Nice

About Bob Dickey


I have been working with wood for over 50 years. First, as a do-it-yourself homeowner trying to save money while getting quality furniture and accessories. In 1998, needing no more household items, I began building wood boxes.  Working with unique, beautiful woods, with my own designs,  and seeing the happiness a finished piece could bring to its recipient, I was soon hooked.  I have since made over 4,000 boxes . 

My designs have been featured in Woodcraft Magazine,  as well as Sterling Publishing’s  14 Wooden Boxes You Can Make.. In 2016 I was profiled on the TV series Handcrafted America. HCA is now available on Amazon Prime. I appear in season 1, episode 9. 

About my boxes


Wood is an outstanding medium. It has color, figure, character and can be cut, shaped and turned into almost any desired shape.  I work with quality hardwoods. Some domestic such as maple and cherry,  others exotics from South America and Africa. Many of my pieces use at least 2 different woods for contrast in color and texture. 

In my designs I try to deliver both aesthetics and functionality.  Aesthetics includes the color combinations of the woods, the thickness of components, and the ratios of width, height and depth. The golden triangle is often a starting point in this regard. Functionally,  the boxes are for storing things. so I try to maximize the storage space and flexibility within the overall design.  The objective is to achieve a beautiful and functional piece that will last a lifetime.