Jewelry & Keepsake Boxes

My favorite works are jewelry and keepsake boxes, and this gallery contains examples of pieces that I have produced.  My objective is to create a visual appeal, while at the same time providing a box that is both functional and built for permanence.  I don’t have a favorite wood or design.  Rather, I am interested in the vast variety of colors, figure and unique patterns that can be found in woods, and look to leverage and combine them in the final piece.

Jewelry Stands/Tables

Sometimes a jewelry box grows up, or needs a platform to rest on.  So over time I have included free-standing jewelry tables and armoires in my work, as well as small tables that can either stand alone, or serve as a base for a companion jewelry box. Here are some examples.  Larger pieces such as these cannot be shipped at this time, but are available for pickup in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

Custom Orders

Looking for something special?  Perhaps you see something on this site or in the gallery that strikes you.  Or maybe a similar style but different woods, size, or configuration. We can trade thoughts and ideas by phone or email, or via a “custom request” conversation through my shop at www.wibn,  Once we have a design, I can quote a price for you.  To get started, I require a 30% deposit on custom orders, with the balance due at time of shipment/delivery.   Please feel free to contact me at, or call  262 378-9255 to discuss your requirements.  Below are some examples of prior commission work.