booth closing

It’s been over 14 years now since I started  designing and building wood jewelry and keepsake boxes.  I also began supplementing them with small accent tables, free-standing cabinets and armoires, and more. Many of my designs were driven by customers who wanted something more, or a bit different.  Thanks to them, many of those designs  have become popular with others as well. As a result, the scope of my work continues to expand.

However, the reality of getting a bit older, has caused me to begin a major realignment of my marketing and distribution.  In 2012, I began marketing my boxes on etsy.com, and this became and remains a successful channel for my work.  Coupled with my work with existing and former customers, and my gallery work, and I decided to retire from the art show circuit. Labor Day weekend, 2013 was the wrap for that venue. I will miss the fun of meeting so many people and my artist friends. But I admit that I won’t miss the 2+ hour set up and tear down, the rains, the winds, the heat, and all the rest. Know that I will be making boxes as long as there is wood and people to enjoy what I build!